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"I've dealt with S&S Computers both personally and in business over a span of almost 15 years and I can't say enough to describe how happy I have been with the service. If you are looking for a tech guy, Scott is your man, hands down!"
~ JP - Carthage, MO

"What's not to love about these guys?! We've been using them for over 6 years and trust them completely. And with all of our kids crazy schedules, I really like how Scott & Shirley try to always work THEIR schedule around OURS!"
~ LR - Joplin, MO

"I cannot thank you enough for helping my Mom after the tornado. She was just beside herself thinking she had lost all those old family pictures and documents she had scanned & saved on her computer. When I saw the computer, I thought there was no way it could be saved-but you did..and we can't thank you enough!!"
~ TM - Joplin, MO

"We just have to give recognition to S&S Computers. Their customer service is so unique to our era. Everyone knows how hard time management is in today's work force. Often when we have a problem with a computer, we depend on S&S Computers. One way they make our business feel like their priority is after receiving our plea for help, they are alway so fast to personally come and retrieve our problem at the office. They pick our computer up when we close and like magic, there it is the very next day for us to start the day. They understand that our computers are our businesses life line, & without our computers we are unable to operate! Scott & Shirley conduct their business with the highest caliber. Their professionalism & integrity are above par.
Thank you Scott & Shirley!"
~ EMC - Carthage, MO

"You guys did a great job cleaning my daughter's netbook of the viruses... I am impressed with the 24 hours pickup/drop off service you provide. Thank you so much. I will definitely request you in the future with any computer needs."
~ SC - Carl Junction, MO

"WoooHoooo! Love these two people so much!!! First I ever heard of S&S Computers was on one of the many articles I read about the may 22nd Tornado. These two good hearted people were using their own time and supplies to restore the pictures, personal info, etc...for people who believed they had lost everything. It touched my heart that they would do this!
Then my computer crashed. My husband called them and they picked up our computer and only had it a couple of days. They even deliver! I don't feel right about people having access to my personal info but I had no problem trusting Scott & Shirley. It was like handing it over to my most trusted friend! Thank you both for helping me and so many others!!!"
~ SS - Joplin, MO

"I purchased a new computer and monitor from S&S...love it...but what I really love...the incredible service that came with it... DELIVERY...SET UP, etc. BestBuy..WalMart..they have PLENTY of money. I will spend my money with small business any day! Thanks so much Scott & Shirley!"
~ JH - Oronogo, MO

"My computer crashed & I thought I had lost everything. I heard about these guys from a friend that had used them so I called them since I didn't have anything to lose since I thought I'd already lost everything and plus they give free estimates. They came out and picked up my computer and had it back to me in no time, and had recovered all of my pictures and documents. A+ all the way!"
~ BR - Joplin, MO

"Scott, Just wanted to thank you for fixing our computer in such a timely manner and at such a reasonable price. Being handicapped, I rely on it for a lot of things and was really surprised when you go it back to us in less than a day. So thanks a lot and I will be sending you all the business I can!"
~ KL - Carthage, MO

"We've been using S&S Computers since 2004 and we couldn't be happier with the personalized service that we have always received from Scott & Shirley, both with our home computers and also my business."
~ MTF - Joplin, MO

"Scott and S&S Computers has taken care of all our computer needs, both personally and in business, for over 15 years and I can't say enough to describe how happy we have been with the service. If you are looking for computer help of any kind, call S&S!"
~ RL - Carthage, MO

"Scott and Shirley are awesome! I highly recommend them (I don't say that very often). They always find a way to help even with emergency situations!"
~ DP - Carthage, MO

"Scott is an excellent trouble-shooter! And Shirley's attention to detail is very valuable with computer-related issues. Couldn't be happier with them."
~ MF - Joplin, MO

"Well this was an interesting Monday for my court reporting business. The storm apparently sent electrical surges through my office & it affected my internet & then my computer crashed this morning. My computer tech was tied up all week and referred me to S&S Computers. Scott accessed my situation and took my computer to his office and fixed the problems and already has me up and running the same day. May I say that he was an answer to prayer and I am using his services from this day forward. His bill was very reasonable for the time he spent on my problem. I highly recommend Scott and S&S Computers to anyone that needs his service."
~ DH - Carthage, MO

"Very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to when you are trying to explain what you are wanting and if you don't understand, they go up and beyond to explain exactly what has happened or what they are needing to do. FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY and they work around the customers schedule and their PRICES CANNOT be beat!"
~ SH - Jasper, MO

"Thanks for coming to my rescue yesterday!!! Hubby & kids thank you too, because 'when Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!' Lol Thanks again!"
~ EH - Joplin, MO

"We love S&S Computers! Started using them with our existing business networking issues and now they take care of all our business computers as well as our personal home computers and networking, too. Thanks Scott & Shirley!"
~ DS - Joplin, MO

"S&S recovered 4+ years of photos of my work that I accidentally deleted! They are the only computer people I call!"
~ AB - Joplin, MO

"WOW! I just found the BEST computer repair company in Joplin! Free pickup & delivery, diagnosed, repaired and returned in less than a week! I HIGHLY recommend S&S Computers to anyone who needs their computer checked out and repaired. VERY REASONABLE REPAIR COSTS! Thanks Scott & Company!"
~ DS - Joplin, MO

"I moved to Tahlequah, Oklahoma and decided to use a computer person down there...needless to say I am not going back. Scott & Shirley came through for me YET AGAIN. They fix my mistakes and other's mistakes too. :) I am very thankful to have found S&S and will NOT use anyone else. You guys are the GREATEST! :)"
~ CJ - Tahlequah, OK

"Thank you S&S Computers for fixing our PC. Office Depot said it could not be done!!! It works GREAT. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
~ KB - Joplin, MO

"Thanks Scott and Shirley for stopping by and finding my lost stuff. I don't know what I'd do without you. I will NEVER use anyone else but S&S Computers for my computer problems. Thanks again!"
~ LH - Sarcoxie, MO

"BEST IN THIE AREA, COST IS GREAT, COMPUTER RUNS FASTER THAN IT EVER HAS! Thanks for saving the hotel's computer from near death! Will pass you on to all my friends and family!"
~ LB - Carthage, MO

"Scott is truly amazing at computer work. You have a problem and he can fix it! I am amazed every time I call, he has an answer for my problem! Great prices for excellent work! Highly recommend!!! Thanks S&S Computers for all your help over the years!"
~ HB - Carthage, MO

"My daughter needed a new computer. Rather than sending her the $$ to buy one (she lives in another state), my experience with S&S Computers has been so positive, that I wanted Scott to research what to get her (based on her computer usage and my price range), and give me a quote. The right is right, the specs are perfect, plus he is going to help me by shipping it to her. His response was quick and efficient. I know she is going to love her computer. I have great confidence and trust in Scott and Shirley. Their service is outstanding. They are the best!"
~ JG - Westminster, CO

"Thank you so very much for retrieving my precious photos... You are so awesome!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!"
~ SG - Diamond, MO

"Thank you Scott & Shirley! I appreciate your understanding of my situation and getting my computer back to me so quickly."
~ IS - Carthage, MO

"Thank you for your great service. I hate computer issues and getting new computer systems, but Scott & Shirley were always there for us. Scott found the problems and we were up and going again. GREAT WORK! Thanks for your help!"
~ DP - Carthage, MO

"Thanks guys for all the hard work you did on my laptop! It has never ran so smooth and quickly. Fast and friendly service is where it is at. S&S Computers will be my go to guys for my personal computers and for my business again. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!"
~ EW - Joplin, MO

"It's awesome to see that someone else has not only seen the very important need for helping the tornado victims by recovering their files, but is willing to do it for free. Awesome job, guys! Keep up the good work!"
~ LB - Joplin, MO

"Recovering the pictures for the tornado victims is a wonderful gift that you and Shirley are doing."
~ SE - Jasper, MO

"People like you are so appreciated during this time of need. Thank you for helping my hometown!"
~ RM - Joplin, MO

"I just read what you are doing for the people of Joplin. Kudos to all of you for helping recover valuable memories and information."
~ SW - Joplin, MO

"Thank you so much for the very fast & affordable work you did on my laptop!"
~ SH - Carthage, MO

"Thank you S&S Computers for fixing out computer! And for getting it done sooo fast! :)"
~ PL - Carthage, MO

"Thank you to S&S Computers for taking care of my mother-in-law's computer. They also went to Walmart and got ink refills for her printer to get her up and running! They really went out of their way! Thanks!
~HH - Carl Junction, MO

"I want to say a big THANKS to Scott & Shirley for all their help with my computers!! I trust them completely to do an excellent job quickly!! Thanks! You guys are the best!!"
~ SS - Carthage, MO

"Just wanted to tell you that we are enjoying our new computers in the offices. I love how you work through my problems and come up with just the perfect answers and always with a smile. Love you Shirley and Scott!"
~ PM - Carl Junction, MO

As you know, all of us at Total Electronics Contracting, Inc. in Joplin have learned to respect your work serving others and value your technical expertise! Should you ever need a business reference, please consider TEC a favorable reference. The professional way you do business, as well as reflecting family values doing business as a husband and wife team are of great value to the many four state area customers we serve in common. Thanks Scott and Shirley!
~ RM - Joplin, MO

"You guys are awesome!!!! Thank you so much for the fast service of repairing my computer! I so appreciate it!! Thank you!!!
~ CC - Jasper, MO

"Thanks for getting my computer working and back to me so soon."
~ LC - Carthage ,MO

"Thank you so much for refurbishing and repairing our computer. Excellent job! I will be recommending your biz to all.
~ JF - Lamar, MO

"This outfit is the best for a multiplicity of reasons: they are nice, they are prompt, they are very reasonable and I only wish they could clone themselves! There seems to be no task too tough for them... Thank God for them every day, to be sure!!"
~ JG - Carthage ,MO

"Thank you so much Scott for helping me get my computer working again. If anyone needs help with computer problems, please give them a call. Thanks again Scott & Shirley."
~ BH - Carthage, MO

"Thanks Scott & Shirley for all the work you did on both laptops! You guys are the best ever!!!"
~ LH - Sarcoxie, MO

"You guys saved my business today!!! Thank you so much!!! Highly recommend you to everyone!!!"
~ MS - Webb City, MO

"I purchased a new computer and monitor from S&S...love it...but what I really love...the incredible service that came with it... DELIVERY...SET UP, etc. BestBuy..WalMart..they have PLENTY of money. I will spend my money with small business any day! Thanks so much Scott & Shirley!"
~ JH - Oronogo, MO

"Thanks for getting our computer fixed so quickly and also for helping with our wireless router. Thanks again. You have my vote for computer service of the year if they had a category for that."
~ RP - Carthage, MO

"I have known Scott & Shirley for many years and have always been amazed by Scott's skill with everything "computers". He recently fixed our home desktop computer and as always did a wonderful job with the repair: timely, efficient, affordable, and with great service. I highly recommend S&S Computers to all my friends. Thanks Scott & Shirley!"
~ MM -Carthage, MO

"Your motto, "WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS" is so true!! Just going to say it again..You guys are so AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for your time of getting everything transferred over and getting me back to work again... I truly appreciate you both so very much!!! THANK YOU!!!!"
~ CC - Jasper

"I completely agree! They are a blessing when your computer systems are giving you fits! They have come to my rescue many times!"
~ BJ - Webb City, MO

"S&S Computers Rocks! They go above and beyond to serve their customers!"
~ BH - Oronogo, MO

"Thank you Scott for all your help and for being so honest. I will definitely tell my friends about all your help."
~ AA - Oronogo, MO

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU BOTH for helping me in my time of need!! So thankful you all are there to help when people need you!!"
~ BB - Carthage, MO

"Thanks Scott & Shirley for getting my Mom's computer back online yesterday. It's nice to know I have someone to call when she needs more help than I can provide by phone. :)"
~ JP - Jasper, MO

"You and Scott are great people. It's nice to have people who can be trusted and very helpful to our computer needs..."
~ PV - Lake Station, IN

"Thank you Scott for fixing my laptop. You have always done a GREAT job for us.:
~ AA - Oronogo, MO

"Thanks for the fast and friendly repair. We will be calling you again. (hopefully not soon lol)
~ DG - Carthage, MO

"I am very happy to say that S&S Computers is WONDERFUL! I am a satisfied customer and highly recommend them! Thank you Scott!
~ BH - Carthage, MO

"We highly recommend S&S. We use them for both home and our business, as well."
~ TF - Joplin, MO

"Awesome honest people to trust your computer repairs to."
~ ET - Carthage, MO

"You guys are so awesome! Hats off to you for what you are doing for the Joplin community!!!!!!!!"
~ RN - Joplin, MO

"They take such good care of me and I get PERSONALIZED service and YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICES!!!! If anyone needs some trustworthy service CALL THEM!!!"
~ KB - Carthage, MO

"You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for the work you have done for me, my family and PageInc!"
~ JC - Lamar, MO

"After several disappointing experiences (with other companies), we finally found S&S Computers and we are more than thrilled with them. Scott & Shirley are honest, fair and trustworthy people and we couldn't be happier with them and their excellent work they do for us each time. Thank you S&S !!"
~ WS - Joplin, MO

"Had Scott fix my laptop and my shop computer! Very pleased and will use him again."
~ DN - Carthage, MO

"Thanks for cleaning up my computers and getting them exactly the way I needed them. You guys are awesome!!!"
~ SH - Jasper, MO

"I really like the free pick up and delivery! And that you also set it back up for me. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age. LoL Thanks again for coming to my rescue...AGAIN! :-]"
~ ET - Diamond, MO

"Fantastic!!! Best service by far that we've ever had on our computers. Loved the visit also. Thanks Scott & Shirley!!"
~ LG - Carthage, MO

"Scott, you are the best!!! Thank you so much for helping me with my computer!!"
~ LG - Carthage, MO

"You ARE the best computer "fixer" ever. You have gotten me out of many computer messes."
~ DB - Grove, OK

"Scott & Shirley do an excellent job! Highly recommend them."
~ SR - Neosho, MO

"I recommend S&S Computers to anyone in the SW MO area who might need help with their computer. They were wonderful and did great work. I can't say enough and it is all good. Thanks Scott and Shirley."
~ BC - Jasper, MO


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